U.S. Senate Leadership for Colorado


U.S. Senate Candidates for Colorado

Mark Aspiri’s campaign emphasizes the need to unify people, and ending the current divide in our Capitol. His main campaign topics are fiscal responsibility, immigration, health care, and water rights. Reversing the tide of government growth is extremely important to Mr. Aspiri, as well as education for all Colorado residents.

Mark Aspiri has more than twenty years of senior management experience, primarily in economic development. As a business leader, Mr. Aspiri appreciates that you have options.  He invites you to review the other candidates and see for yourself that Mr. Aspiri is “the only logical choice”…

See for yourself Colorado, are you ready for leadership that promotes positive solutions in Washington D.C. to problems that concern all Coloradans.?

Mark H. Aspiri (Republican)

Candidate for U.S. Senate
Website: www.aspiri.com

Randy Baumgardner (Republican)

Candidate for U.S. Senate
Website: www.randybaumgardner.com

Cory Gardener (Republican)

Candidate for U.S. Senate
Website: www.corygardner.com

Owen Hill (Republican)

Candidate for U.S. Senate
Website: www.owenhillforsenate.com

Tom Janich (Republican)

Candidate for U.S. Senate
Website: www.votejanich.com

Mark Udall (Democrat)

U.S. Senator for Colorado (Incumbent)
Webpage: www.markudall.com